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Case Studies

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Saved by Eugene Pyvovarov
on May 7, 2010 at 1:13:28 pm

Eric Ries Remarks

I've been really inspired by this case study and the resulting discussion. I get asked all the time for more examples, more case studies, and more implementation details of lean startup techniques. Are any of you interested in collaborating on a regular series of case studies like this one, for presentation on my blog (and other venues where I am asked for guest posts).


Here's what I am thinking. On a regular basis, maybe once a month, we'd work as a group to develop a new case study. We'd have an open discussion, just like this one, and then one volunteer would attempt to produce a summary, maybe on a wiki, so we could all edit and add additional comments. I'd add my own take and try to produce a version suitable for a blog-post format, maybe linking to the original wiki page, for those that want to see the original or keep discussing. All comments could be used with attribution or made anonymous, depending on what folks would like.


Case studies in-progress:

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