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Lean Startup Meetups from around the world (alphabetic by city)

If you create a Lean Startup Meetup on Meetup.com please tag it with "lean-startup" tag so it can be found on this map.  If you want advice from other Lean Startup Meetup organizers, apply to join the Lean Startup Circle Federation.









Germany (Deutschland) 







The Netherlands 


United Kingdom






South America:















Interest in having a Meetup, worldwide


  • Kyiv, Ukraine: Group just has been started at http://www.meetup.com/Kyiv-Lean-Startup-Meetups/ , contacts:
    • denis.igin {аt] gmail.com or @denisigin 
    • bsn.dev@gmail.com or @bsn , or Konstantin Gurnov at konstantin.gurnov [at] gmail.com
  • Sofia, Bulgaria: contact alek@zvuk.net or @alek
    •  Sofia, Bulgaria: contact valyoo@gmail.com or @Val_Yo 
  • Helsinki, Finland: contact Ola Sundell on twitter @StartupEnergy 
  • Oslo, Norway: contact tor.gronsund//at//gmail.com or Twitter: @tor
  • Lille, France: contact @adrienmagnus and @DaToine
  • Vancouver, BC: kareem@reemer.com or @kareem
  • Hong Kong, China: email jonbuford//at/gmail.com or @jonbuford
  • Vienna, Austria: contact fredrik dot debong at startvienna dot at or Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/fdebong
  • Auckland, New Zealand: contact cameron@neuzee.com |or| @cameronpriest
  • South Africa: contact: sheraan[at]personera.com or Twitter: http://twitter.com/sheraan 
  • Germany: Berlin email me at denkpass@denkpass.de or contact me on Twitter at @gregorgross - we are two (serial) entrepreneurs who want to start a RELIABLE LeanStartupMeetup in Berlin (as of April 2011)..
  • Sydney: Australia: email leemarcgoodman(at)hotmail.com or tiwtter @leemg
  • Barcelona, Spain: email jaume(at)teixi(dot)net or twitter @JaumeTeixi
  • Bristol, UK: email jp@justinpirie.com or twitter @justinpirie
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: join FB group link
  • Edinburgh, UK twitter @strangeloops or email grishma20@gmail.com
  • Mumbai, India: Sandeep Shetty (@sandeepshetty)
  • Bangalore, India: ejkoshy at gmail dot com 
  • Zurich, Switzerland: contact vincent.vanderlubbe //at/gmail.com or see above
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: email greytank at gmail dot com or @zhiQ
  • Jakarta, Indonesia : @achmadzaky and @nataliardianto (we held Local Startup Meetup every month in Jakarta)
  • Bandung, Indonesia :@tricipta and @faresfarhan 
  • San Jose, Costa Rica: contact Gilbert Corrales @samiq or gcorrales at gmail
  • Lagos, Nigeria: contact obakare at stephenclaire dot com and @bakare
  • Bangkok, Thailand: contact Seth at sethlesky@gmail.com
  • Stockholm, Sweden: Contact henrik/at/stix.to 
  • Amman, Jordan: contact moteaa/at/entrancejo.com or @motealwan  
  • Montreal, Quebec: contact barry(at)quantumwhisper.com or http://twitter.com/barrypaquet
  • Brisbane, Australia: contact christopher_tia@yahoo.com 
  • Asunción, Paraguay: Contact Ricardo Yorky at ricardo.yorky@live.com


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