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About two years ago my partner and I decided to start a new company doing what we like the most (designing and programming). We were tired of working for other people becuase we were being burn out to the ground by working extra hours and taking on work we didn't enjoy. Moreover, monotony was eating our souls. Since the inception of our business, we've seen an increase on productivity, salary and overall satisfaction with our life. This lead us to believe that working on tasks you really like, can go a long way.


With this knowledge at hand, we decided to test the idea of creating a job board that was based on the employee perfect job. Instead of posting a job opening, we would ask everybody for their perfect job and match them to employers that were looking for that. Simple, it may have been done before,but not in our target market witch is Venezuela.


The first test run we did was a simple splash page you can see below. It took us half a day to design and deploy to production. When people registered on the site, we took them to a survey with open ended questions for us to test our assumptions. Shortly after, we started running a smoke test on Facebook with yield 1194 registration, 1028 surveys filled for $400. (ouch... four hundred?...  yes, but we learned instead of wasting it on development for something nobody wanted.)




The amount of feedback was overwhelming. People were writing stuff like:

  • Is this a scam?
  • I don't know how to use the product
  • Hopefully it is not Herbalife


On the serious note we learned:

  • The perfect job is tied to proximity to place of residence
  • 5 verticals we could aim for
  • People like how other job services email them opportunities
  • The $ amount people were already paying for related services
  • key features people took for granted for related services
  • people really like the name... there were jokes all over the place


more to come... stay tune. !

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Holger Dieterich said

at 3:54 am on Jan 31, 2010

how's it going now, 4 months ater this post?

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