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Branding Guide

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Using the Lean Startup Trademark


Lean Startup is a trademark owned by Eric Ries. To avoid any misunderstandings when naming your group, please reference this in the description of your group and add a link to Eric's website or blog such as this:


* The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries. *


Lean Startup Circle Branding


There is no obligation to call your group Lean Startup Circle or use the logo. There are many groups that promote Lean Startup under different names.


However, we do ask that if you wish to use the global resources of Lean Startup Circle and receive support from our community, that you return the favor and help support our efforts to promote the brand.




To start a Lean Startup Circle group, we suggest you use the name: Lean Startup Circle - [your city name]






Lean Startup Circle uses a simple logo to help brand the community and let people know they've found a group dedicated to building Lean Leadership. You can find some of the branding material here:





The following colors are used in the logo and may be used for branding purposes:


  • Light Blue - #00AEEF
  • Dark Blue - #0095DA
  • Black - #231F20  



Additional Links



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