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Speaker List

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This is a list of speakers who have presented at Lean Startup Circle and some notes as to their availability for video conferences or travel.


Name  Location  Spoke at previous meetups in Video URL Available? Contact Info  Skype or Telco?  Will Travel? Comments
Eric Ries  San Francisco, CA, USA              
Dave McClure 
San Francisco, CA, USA          
Brant Cooper  San Diego, CA, USA              
Patrick Vlaskovits  Los Angeles, CA, USA              
Tristan Kromer  
San Francisco, CA, USA San Francisco USA, Tallinn Estonia, Helsinki Finland, Manchester UK, London UK, Oslo Norway, Phoenix USA, Ramallah Palestine, Bangalore India http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADgc0jAWTA4  Yes Contact form 


Trevor Owens NYC Washington DC, Sao Paulo, Mashabe (Venture Studio) Scooter Story, Mashable Yes Trevor (at) leanstartupmachine.com Yes No :(  
Hiten Shah San Francisco, CA, USA              
Sean Ellis  Los Angeles, CA, USA              
Jeff Gothelf New York, NY, USA             writing a new book
named 'Lean UX'
Janice Fraser San Francisco, CA, USA            

Writing a new book
about 'how to make
good products' using
Lean Methodologies.

Did not name the book

Ash Maurya Austin, TX, USA              Author of 
'Running Lean' book 
Sean Murphy San Jose, CA, USA Many Bootstrapper Breakfasts,
Engineering Your Sales workshop
at Lean Startup 2012,
Mentor at SLLCONF 2010 & 2011



No, Silicon Valley events
or call/Skype
See http://www.skmurphy.com/blog
Grace Ng NYC Wharton School of Business, Singularity University   Yes Grace (at) leanstartupmachine.com Yes Maybe  
Alex Cowan SF Bay, CA USA

SVPMA, Stanford Alum., New Tech Meetup,

summary at bit.ly/acspeak

(pls. see previous) Yes acowan@alexandercowan.com Yes Yes

Author of 'Starting a

Tech Business' (Wiley 2012)

Nasser Ghanemzadeh Middle-East Tehran, Qazvin, Isfahan   Yes

ghanemzadeh (at)


Yes Yes  
Sherman (Good Sense) San Francisco, CA USA     Yes http://blog.goodsense.io/contact/ Yes Yes

I write about customer development at http://blog.goodsense.io

Read about the importance of customer discovery at my previous start-up at http://blog.leanstartupcircle.com/want-to-do-customer-discovery-be-aggressive/.

David J Bland SF Bay, CA USA San Francisco





Yes dbland(at)bigvisible.com Yes Yes

I'm a consultant that brings lean startup, business model generation, customer development and other iterative concepts into large organizations.


Dan Stiefel San Francisco, CA              
Kyle Henderson Mountain View, CA  



Yes k@youeye.com Yes Yes

We're building the next generation online user research platform. I frequently speak on various topics related to Lean UX in and around the Bay Area.






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